Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Satori

About Satori Engage

What is Satori Engage?

Satori Engage is a user-friendly app that can be found on the app store and playstore. It is designed to aid policyholders in discovering and recommending personalized activities that enhance their overall well-being. Policyholders can track scores, document stressors, build an online accountability community to promote a healthier lifestyle.

How does Satori Engage help improve well-being?

Satori Engage recommends tailored activities based on individual user profiles and the unique circumstances in their life encouraging policyholders to adopt habits and practices that positively impact their physical, mental  and emotional health.

What is the Satori Engage score that is received by each user?

The score in Satori Engage reflects a policyholder's overall well-being, taking into account factors from their activities to their recorded stressors. This score offers users a tangible measure of their well-being giving them the ability to understand and improve over time.

How is my data protected on Satori Engage?

Satori prioritizes user privacy and places all personal data, including recorded stressors, in an encrypted storage. We do not share your personal information without your explicit consent.

How do I download the Satori Engage app?

You can find us by searching for Satori Engage in the app store if you have an iOS device or the playstore for an Android device and download the app.

How do I create an account?

Once you download the Satori Engage app, open it and we will walk you through creating an account; including a short questionnaire on your interests, well-being habits and any unique stressors that you are experiencing.

How is my data used?

Your data privacy is very important to us. Any data that you share with us is used only to personalize your experience by curating activity recommendations inline with your interests, location and demographics. We do not sell or share your data with anyone. Read more about our privacy policy at

How do I delete my Satori Engage account?

Account deletions are permanent and cannot be reversed. When an account is deleted, the complete session history and all saved sessions are deleted. If you are no longer interested in using Satori Engage, here are the simple steps to follow:
1) Open the app and tap the Profile button on the bottom right of the screen. 
2) Tap “Delete Account” and follow the prompts to complete the delete process.

About Satori Insights

What is Satori Insights?

Satori Insights is the analytical arm of our platform. It collates signals and data from Satori Engage to produce quantified behavioral traits. These traits provide insurance companies with unique insight into policyholder behavior, which is then translated into recommendations for next best action that an insurance carrier can take to engage with their policyholder in a meaningful way.

How does Satori Insights benefit insurers?

By providing a detailed analysis of policyholder behavior, insurers can gain a deeper understanding of their policyholders. This insight, coupled with Generative AI, allows insurers to take concrete actions that can improve their offerings, pricing, customer engagement strategies and optimize return to work outcomes.

How does Generative AI work within Satori Insights?

Generative AI analyzes the insights derived from policyholder behavior to generate actionable steps and strategies for insurers. This AI-driven approach ensures data-driven decision-making that's responsive to real-world user behavior.

General Questions

How do Satori Engage and Satori Insights work together?

Satori Engage collects real-time data from policyholder interaction, from activity recommendations to well-being scores. Satori Insights then processes this data, transforming it into quantified behavioral traits and providing insurers with actionable insights using Generative AI.

How do I get started with Satori?

As a policyholder, if your insurance carrier provides Satori Engage as an offering, you will receive an invitation code that will allow you to sign up for the Satori Engage app and begin to use it after answering a short onboarding questionnaire.

As an insurance carrier, our team will work with you to roll out Satori Engage to your policyholders and set up Satori Insights to provide you with visibility into tangible next best actions that can help you engage with your policyholders in a meaningful way. Please contact us at if you would like to get a demo and learn more about us.

Who do I contact for support or further inquiries?

Feel free to reach out to our support team at or visit our Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.

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